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Math With Mrs. Avigdor

IF you qualify...

  What to use:  homework format  or vertically oriented (unfolded)  lined or unlined 8 X11 paper

                       if vertically oriented, staple multiple sheets together (to each other , NOT to the test itself !!)

  What to do:     for EACHproblem that was done incorrectly: 

                         1.) REDO the problem 

                         2.) FIND a homework or lesson problem that is the same as, or related to, the test problem

                              and WRITE-UP  the solution (include given and find as well as page/# or date of lesson).


  What to submit:  your corrections (see above) AND your original test!    

                             (do NOT staple your corrections to your test- tuck them inside)

Note:  Answer keys/Solution Guides are posted under Exam Information